Jan 192019

Origami Paper Plate - Pleated Origami Party Plates are simple and fun to make. And they are quite practical too. They are quite effective substitutes for the usual plastic plates. They are unique, so they are bound to be noticed during a party!

A few party plates are described in Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. Each of the party plate is made up of the plate and a inside lining, to add strength and beauty to the plate. I loved the one with the pleats, a fan-like plate.

If you intend a practical use for the plates, use a fairly large square, 7 – 9 inches would be good. And thicker paper works better. I had used thick, handmade paper.

Model Details:

Model: Party Plates

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Fabulous Origami Boxes

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Classification: Origami | 2 Units

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper size: 7 inches

Modules: 2. 1 for the plate and 1 for the lining

I wonder if we will really be able to use these plates, considering the effort that goes into making them!