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Origami Houses After my last post on origami houses, I found out that Roman Diaz had designed more such houses. One of them is found in the origami magazine 4 Esquinas.

The ‘4 Esquinas‘ is a Latinamerican origami e-magazine, edited by Eric Madrigal. This magazine is published in Spanish and is free for download. It has a number of articles on origami and origami activities, crease patterns and  diagrams. Since it is in Spanish, I needed to extensively use Google’s translator, but it is worth the effort I think.

So, coming back to this house, the diagram is published in the fourth issue, in January 2011. Roman Diaz has also included an article in which he describes how he came to design the house with a roof of a different colour. I understand, from the Google translator of course, that the house is somewhat similar to one designed by Troy Alexander, though his house was of a single colour. As in the previous house I folded, Roman Diaz has included a very clever lock for the house. Check out the diagram for folding this house :)

Model Details:

Model: House

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Book: 4 Esquinas Vol 4

Classification: Origami | Everyday Things

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 6 inches

Instructions: 4 Esquinas

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