Mar 312022
Easter 2013

This Easter, let us not forget that it is not about fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs, but about what Jesus did for us. Happy Easter, dear readers Well, I have been wondering what to fold this Easter and decided to redo Jared Needle’s origami cross. It is a beautiful origami to fold and the more I have folded this cross, the more I enjoy it! There are quite a few sinks, both open and closed [Continued..]

Mar 272022

The ABK-AOTS Dosokai Centre in Chennai, India, is a society formed to work as a bridge between Japan and India. The centre regularly conducts programs to introduce us to Japanese arts and culture. One such event is the Japanese Cultural Festival, hosted between 22nd and 24th March this year. During this year’s festival, the Origami Society of Madras was invited and as I am a recent member of the society, I too got an opportunity [Continued..]

Mar 242022
Palm Sunday 2013

Here is an analysis of the beautiful hymn, ‘Ride on, ride on in majesty’, sung on every Palm Sunday: The hymn unites meekness and majesty, sacrifice and conquest, suffering and glory – all central to the gospel for Palm Sunday. Majesty is the theme as the writer helps us to experience the combination of victory and tragedy that characterizes the Triumphal Entry. – 1. Ride on, ride on in majesty as all the crowds [Continued..]

Mar 232022
Palm Cross - Tutorial

With Palm Sunday tomorrow, these crosses made from palm leaves should come in handy, I hope So here is a quick tutorial to make a palm cross, in 10 simple steps.. Let’s start. All we need is half a palm leaf, removed from the central vein and a pair of scissors. The tutorial will result in a cross that is about 6 inches in height. 1. Measure and cut the palm leaf to 20 inches. [Continued..]

Mar 162022

The Origami Society of Madras, of which I am a part, is a Facebook group, made up of origami enthusiasts in Chennai (Madras of yore). So a few days back, there was an origami folding challenge on the theme, ‘Aqua’ ie., any origami that is related to water can be folded – shells, fish, frogs etc. The event will be coming to an end on 17th March. Well, I only recently came to know of [Continued..]