Apr 192021
Mennorode Star

Carmen Sprung must be one of the few origami artists who uses paper in ratios involving square root(√) values! One of the previous Carmen Sprung’s designs that I had worked on was the √3 Schachtel, which used paper in the ratio of x:√3x. The Mennorode Star uses paper in the same ratio ie., x:√3x. In the diagram, she has also explained how to get this size, from a square sheet of paper. The design is [Continued..]

Feb 222020
√3 Schachtel

I like most of the origami designed by Carmen Sprung and here is another of her designs. This one is called √3 Schachtel (Google gives the translation as box or case). √3 because of the paper ratio which is x:√3x. I think this must be the only time that I use such a ratio!! In case you are wondering what the value of √3 is, it approximates to 1.732. So if one side of the [Continued..]