Dec 232020

Origami Multi Points Star The Multi Points Star, by Ilan Garibi, is a great addition to my origami collection this Christmas. The stars are modular, easy to make and can be used to make stars with as many points as required, starting with 6 points.

I realised that paper that is thicker than usual origami paper works great for this model. So I ended up using printer paper, wrapper paper etc.

I tried with various sizes of squares as well, starting with 2 inch squares and finished with 4 inch squares. All looked great!

Model Details:

Model: Multi Point Star

Creator: Ilan Garibi

Flickr!: garibi ilan’s Photostream

Classification: Origami | Christmas | Modular | Multi Units | Stars

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Number of modules: Multi Units starting with 6

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 1.5 inch squares onwards

Tutorial: Youtube