Aug 062021

This year’s sale in our church was on the 5th of August. This special sale is actually in celebration of harvest and is usually celebrated in all churches during the months of August and September. The idea behind it is that, we should give our best to the Lord for His love and kindness throughout the year. Similar to Abel of the Old Testament in the Bible, we strive to give the best of what we have, and in addition, spend time with one another in fellowship and thanksgiving.

I think it was another good year :) Apparently we, as a congregation, have done very well. All good news around!

As always, this year too I had put up a stall of my origami earrings and this post highlights some of the earrings that were sold in a jiffy :) I had made around 25 earrings, but I am sure you are pleased to know that I don’t plan on posting pics of all of them!

Btw, in case you are interested in any of these earrings, do let me know. And if you are in India, I do have a couple of online shops, so you can head over to ItsHandMade or IndieBazaar and buy these earrings from there.

I had made some changes since the last year and have coated all my earrings with glaze – that ensures that the earrings are solid and water resistant and glaze, I felt, was much better than the clear nail polish I had used before.

Origami Leaves Earrings

Well, to move on to the earrings, the modular ones are the same as what I have done previously. They were made from 4 or 5 modules and as before, they were sold quite quickly.

The rainbow earrings were my favourite this year :) Let me tell you, they were extremely painful to make! Each earring is made from 16 units, and folding 16 tiny little units is no joke! It took me nearly 4 hours to complete this pair! And they were the first ones to be sold, so I was quite pleased with that.

The leaf earrings, this year, was somewhat different from my usual ones. I found that my leaf earrings are usually longer than most folks are used to, though it does remain ultra-light. So this year, I went for a bunch of little leaves, instead of a single big leaf and that turned out to be quite a hit. The girl who bought it, was quite happy with the colour combination too! And the little wooden beads! I am making more of these :)

The brocade earrings are also new this year. These earrings are made from 6 squares of paper. I had some beautiful single-sided paper in various colours which was great for these earrings.

The brocade earrings were quite difficult to make, due to the small size. I practised with progressively smaller sized paper before I finally got around to making these earrings.

I grew quite fond of the red brocade with the long stalk and found it quite difficult to part with it!! So I did make one for myself :) The earring is quite small, that even with the stalk it measures only about 4 cms (~1.5 inches) or so. Very comfortable to wear.

And finally, the star earrings in black and white. I made a pair of stars for each earring, one slightly smaller than the other. With a few crystal beads, they make great earrings. And I am sure every woman has a black and white outfit, so these earrings turned out to be must-buys! I made about 5 pairs, hoping to buy a pair myself. But before I could pick it up, it was all gone..

I have never written such a long post before! :o So I will stop now!

And remember, if you would like a pair, drop by at ItsHandMade or IndieBazaar and order a pair. Or if you are not in India, drop me a note here or on Facebook. I am sure we can work something out..

So long..