Week 01 (Day 05): Rikki Donachie’s Butterfly

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Sep 102019
Week 01 (Day 05): Rikki Donachie's Butterfly

The butterfly for today is designed by Rikki Donachie and slightly more difficult than my previous ones. What I liked most about this butterfly is how beautiful and natural the wings came out. If you stick the body of the butterfly to a wall, the wings make it seem that the butterfly is really flying Loved it! Similar to the butterfly from yesterday, this one also looks great when using paper in contrasting colours on [Continued..]

Week 01 (Day 04): Fatima Granadeiro’s Butterfly

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Sep 092019
Week 01 (Day 04): Fatima Granadeiro's Butterfly

These simple butterflies were designed by Fatima Granadeiro, a Portuguese origamist. They actually look like a variation of Akira Yoshizawa’s butterfly, but apparently they are not connected in any way. But they are quite simple to make and the end result is yet another elegant butterfly All kinds of paper works for this model. Smaller sized squares are better. 2-4 inches squares work well. Paper in contrasting colours on both sides would result in a butterfly [Continued..]

Sep 082019
Week 01 (Day 03): Kawasaki Butterfly

Well, here is another butterfly that I tried out as part of the butterfly week. This one is from a rectangle paper in the ratio 1:2. I found a video on You Tube with the instructions for making this butterfly. Unfortunately I am not able to find out the creator of this sweet little butterfly. If anyone does know, please do drop a comment. Update: I did find out that the creator of this butterfly [Continued..]

Week 01 (Day 02): Akira Yoshizawa’s Butterfly

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Sep 072019
Week 01 (Day 02): Akira Yoshizawa's Butterfly

Akira Yoshizawa’s butterfly is the first one I am trying this week. The butterfly starts from a waterbomb base. There are precisely 4 folds following the waterbomb base and voila! You have a beautiful butterfly. The beauty of this butterfly lies in the simplicity of the folds. This was amongst the initial origami that I folded and I assure you, if you are a beginner origamist, this is a must-fold. Have a go at it Model [Continued..]

Week 01 (Day 01): Butterflies

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Sep 062019
Week 01 (Day 01): Butterflies

To add a little more spice to the blog, I thought it would be good if I had week-long origami every once in a while. During these weeks, I will choose a theme and work on origami based on that theme. It can be any theme. For instance, this week is going to be Butterfly Week. So I work only on origami butterflies, both simple and not so simple ones. Or the theme could be [Continued..]