May 142021
Masu Box

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I love making boxes And the easiest boxes to make are masu boxes. Masu boxes are actually traditional Japanese wooden, square boxes that were used to measure rice. The origami masu box is made from a square paper and results in a square box. These make great gift boxes, if a lid is added to it. The lid can also be made [Continued..]

May 102021
Square Spiral Box

I love folding spirals and I think the queen of origami spirals would be Tomoko Fuse! So since it has been a long time since I folded boxes with spirals, I tried out this little 4-sided box, from her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals‘. This box is the second of the 2 square boxes and is a pleasure to fold. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the full box, pretty fast I think. I [Continued..]

Apr 142021
Pleated Boxes

I am not sure of the creator of these origami pleated boxes. My guess would of course, be Tomoko Fuse. But I am not able to find any reference to the box in any of her books. Unfortunately I do not remember where I learnt to fold this either. And I do not remember the name of the box either. Since it has got a whole bunch of pleats, I just call it the pleated [Continued..]

Feb 112021
Valentine Day's Heart Box

Our wedding anniversary is near and I wanted to see if I could make something myself for my husband. I was browsing to see if there were heart boxes I could try out and came across this lovely box on Flickr! The creator of the heart box is Natan Lopez. I understand that the diagram for the model will be published in the magazine ‘4 Esquinas’ but am not sure when it is to be [Continued..]

Jan 252021
Star Container Variation

After completing the origami star container (aka 8-cornered basket) from one of my previous posts, I was browsing to see if variations of the container was available. I came across this Star Container variation, one that forms a narrower opening. In addition to liking this variation, I also liked the paper that I had used to this model. This is from a collection of paper that I had got from one of my recent purchases [Continued..]