Feb 092020

This heart card would make a great table card for gatherings organized to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is best, of course, when the card is in white and the heart in red, but I must admit, I love the red card with white heart!

The card is designed by Hans Birkeland and if you are interested in table cards, be sure to visit his site. He has designed quite a few of these cards, including an elephant card, flapping bird card, butterfly card and lots more.

As for the heart card, if you want the card in white and heart in colour, you will need to start with the coloured side facing you. Start with the card base (link below), proceed till Step 12 of the card base and from then, you start the heart card.

Model Details:

Model: Heart Card

Creator: Hans Birkeland

Creator’s Website: Origami – The Fascination of Folding

Classification: Origami | Hearts | Valentine’s Day

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 7 inches

Instructions (Heart Card): Heart Card

Instructions (Card Base): Card Base

Origami Heart Card Duo