Jun 232016

Origami Fiesta Kusudama - Maria Vakhrusheva

Maria Vakhrusheva’s Fiesta Kusudama origami is a model that I discovered recently. It is a fairly simple and elegant model and I love the way mine has turned out.

There are 2 ways of assembly – the 3-unit cones look more traditional, so I opted for the 5-unit cone. I had first assembled the 5-unit version, by mistake, when I folded Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle Kusudama. I ended up liking this version more than the 3-unit version!

Model Details:

Model: Fiesta Kusudama

Creator: Maria Vakhrusheva

Diagram: The Fold Magazine (for registered members only)

Classification: Origami | Modular | Polyhedra

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: 5 inches diameter

Modules: 30

Tutorial: Youtube

Mar 102016
Centaurea Flower

The next model that I tried from my recently bought copy of Ekaterina Lukasheva’s new book ‘Modern Kusudama Origami‘ is the Centaurea Flower. It is a very pleasant looking model which requires duo-coloured paper. I used paper that was solid pink on one side and had little flowers on the other. The model was of intermediate difficulty. I liked the way the petals shaped up. While the suggested paper size was 7 cms, I used 7.5 cm squares. [Continued..]

Mar 032016

After a hiatus of nearly a year, I am back to folding and updating my blog! Recently I bought Ekaterina Lukasheva’s new book ‘Modern Kusudama Origami‘. And now I am enjoying folding the models. I decided I will start folding from the beginning and start with the models that needed square sheets of paper. There are quite a few models folded from rectangles too. The first few models are stars and flowerets which I haven’t [Continued..]

Icosahedron Kit

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Apr 102015
Icosahedron Kit

The Icosahedral Kit is yet another of the Polyhedron kits from Miyuki Kawamura’s book ‘Polyhedron Origami’. In this modular origami, 2 kinds of modules are used – the Edge module and the Vertex module. The icosahedron kit is made from a total of 12 vertex modules and 30 edge modules – a grand total of 42 modules. Double-sided paper works best, since the back of the vertices are visible through all those gaps. The modules [Continued..]

Dec 252014
Bascetta Star - A Variation

This Christmas has been a very busy time for me. I had participated in a couple of Christmas sales and have been busy making paper jewelry! And paper jewelry is time-consuming work! So I didn’t get a lot of time to make anything special for Christmas 2014. One thing that I did try was this modular star. The star is actually made from Bascetta Star modules. The star requires a total of 24 modules. The [Continued..]