Origami Cube Unit by Tomoko Fuse

Open Frame – Cube Unit

After completing my last 2 Tomoko Fuse designs made from 120 units each, I decided to try one of her simpler models – this simple open frame cube, made from 12 square units. I have used 3 colours and 4 units of each colour. The squares had a side of

Origami Snapology Egg

Snapology Egg

Recently, I purchased the book ‘Geometric Origami‘ by Faye G. Goldman. The book contains various models based on Heinz Strobl’s Snapology method. A few years back, I had tried my first snapology origami and made an icosahedron. And now with the purchase of this book, I decided to work on

Origami 120 unit Rhombic Icosahedron by Tomoko Fuse

120 Unit Rhombic Icosahedron with Concave Hexagonal Rings

Since in recent days, I have been very keen on completing as many origami models as possible, I wanted to try out the inverse of the previous model I had folded – the 120-unit rhombic icosahedron using Tomoko Fuse’s double-sided convex hexagonal rings. This time, I had used concave modules.

Origami 120-unit Rhombic Icosahedron

120 Unit Rhombic Icosahedron

The Rhombic Icosahedron from Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Unit Polyhedron Origami’ is folded from 120 rectangular units. The assembly of this model is a serious test of patience! Folding the units took me a couple of days – it is no joke folding 60 yellow and 60 blue units! Assembly took

Origami Fiesta Kusudama - Maria Vakhrusheva

Fiesta Kusudama

Maria Vakhrusheva’s Fiesta Kusudama origami is a model that I discovered recently. It is a fairly simple and elegant model and I love the way mine has turned out. There are 2 ways of assembly – the 3-unit cones look more traditional, so I opted for the 5-unit cone. I

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