May 072019

Hello there..

As promised, here is the tutorial for making the XYZ Planar Model, created by Ed Sullivan. Here is my post giving some more details on the model.

I am still very new at this tutorial-making business, so please bear with me if things are not clear. And please do post a comment if something is not clear and I will do my best to explain better. Click on the image for a larger and clearer picture of the steps.

XYZ Planar Model - Tutorial


1. You will need 6 squares of the same size and in 3 different colours for making the XYZ model

2. Start with a waterbomb base.

3. Fold in half, so that the pointed end meets the base. Unfold.

4. Sink the fold to form the 4 arms of the unit.

5. On one of the arms, fold the corner to the center of the unit. Unfold.

6. Inside reverse fold so that it forms a straight edge.

7. Do the same on the opposite corner. This completes one unit.

8. Make 5 more units in the same way.

9. Assembly involves putting the reverse folded arm of one unit into the arm of another unit (that is not reverse folded).

10. Then fold the arm into the inserted one, so that it holds it in place and is secure.

11. Add the other units in the same way to form the final XYZ Planar Model.

And that’s it. Do try it out and let me know if there are any issues.