May 102019

Origami Omega Star

The Omega Star is actually a variation of the XYZ Planar model (by Ed Sullivan) that I had done previously. This variation was created by Philip Shen. This Omega Star makes a great Christmas decoration and I have made quite a few of them for our Christmas tree. The same star can also be made from a single sheet of paper and this was created by John Montroll. It is of course, more complex than the modular version but tutorials for making this are in abundance!

Since modular omega star is a variation of the XYZ planar model, I thought I would extend that tutorial and explain the steps to create the omega star as well. So here is another tutorial :)

Origami Omega Star Tutorial

1. Start from the last step of the XYZ model explained in the tutorial

2. Fold each side of the model towards the center as far as it can go. The further you fold it, the pointier the star looks. Continue folding all the sides.

3. And there you have your Omega Star :)

There are also tutorials available on the net for making this star. So you can take a look at it to get a better idea of how to make the star.

Model Details:

Model: Omega Star

Creator: Philip Shen

Origin: XYZ Planar Model

Book: Philip Shen: Selected Geometric Folds (BOS Booklet 18)

Author: Philip Shen

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Modules: 6

Tutorial Link:

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