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Origami Hyperbolic ParabolaAn origami hyperbolic parabola, called be various other names such as saddle and hypar, is made by pleating a square of paper along the diagonals. Plenty of pleats will give a parabola looks really intricate and delicate.

It is also possible to form modular units from the parabola. This is done by gluing individual units to form various shapes. Such modular, closed models are called Hyparhedra. I had attempted making a star by gluing 5 such hypars together. But I wasn’t too pleased with the result. Another such model can be formed by gluing 60 hypars together. This forms a dodecahedron structure, with 12 pentagonal faces.

The creator of this model is not known but John Emmet is considered to be the rediscoverer of this model.

Model Details:

Model: Hyperbolic Parabola

Creator: John Emmet

Book: Paul Jackson

Classification: Origami | Geometric Shapes | Miscellaneous

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 8 inches

Instructions: Math@LSU

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