Feb 112021
Valentine Day's Heart Box

Our wedding anniversary is near and I wanted to see if I could make something myself for my husband. I was browsing to see if there were heart boxes I could try out and came across this lovely box on Flickr! The creator of the heart box is Natan Lopez. I understand that the diagram for the model will be published in the magazine ‘4 Esquinas’ but am not sure when it is to be [Continued..]

Feb 062021
Love Letter

Francis Ow, the specialist in origami hearts, is the designer of this origami letter. The letter is pretty easy to fold and makes a great gift for Valentine’s day, though I don’t know how easy it will be to fold it back to the original shape, once unfolded! Will require some practise I think. The heart doesn’t really show till it is locked into place, by inserting it under the triangular tab at the top [Continued..]

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Feb 022021
Heart Wreath

Wreaths are great for any occasion and are a sure addition for Valentine’s Day. I found quite a few origami heart wreaths for Valentine’s day and actually thought that I could have a week of heart wreaths! Maybe I will do it next year For now, here is a very pretty and elegant wreath, made from 8 heart units. Red and white hearts would look great, I admit, but I wanted to try out another [Continued..]

Feb 012021
Cube of Love

With Valentine’s day coming up, the origami cube of love would make a great DIY gift It is a modular cube with a whole bunch of hearts in it! It is made from 6 units, each unit with a heart in the middle. The modules are made from half a square, that is, rectangles in the ratio of 1:2. They are quite easy to make. Use duo-coloured paper to get good contrast between the heart [Continued..]

Week 06 (Day 6): Valentine’s Day Ring

Feb 122020
Week 06 (Day 6): Valentine's Day Ring

Valentine rings are quite popular during this season and here are a couple of origami rings to make this time extra special for your sweetheart The ring is designed by Hiroshi Kumasaka. It is made from a square. In order to make a ring that fits you well, add 2 cms to the circumference of your finger. So if the circumference is 6.5 cms, add 2 to make it 8.5 cms. I converted this approximately [Continued..]