Week 04 (Day 04): Fir Tree

Dec 232019
Week 04 (Day 04): Fir Tree

 This model is a fir tree rather than a Christmas tree, but I think it resembles a Christmas tree quite well. The model is designed by Pietro Macchi and is of intermediate difficulty. The difficulty is in a sink at the beginning of the model. Other than that, it isn’t a difficult piece. The instructions also give the paper size to be used. I found it useful using the same size or the same proportions. [Continued..]

Nov 112019
Week 03 (Day 04): Froebel Star

  The Froebel Star, created by Froebel Friedrich, is a 3-D star, made from 4 strips of paper. It is known by quite a few names including German Star, Moravian Star and Advent Star. It involves a little weaving and making a few loops.. These stars make lovely Christmas decorations. In addition, they also can be converted into baskets, crosses and whole lot of other things. To make them, many stars are made and then [Continued..]

Sep 272019
Crane Box

After a long, long time, I tried out another of Tomoko Fuse’s designs. This is one of her square boxes from her fabulous book, ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes‘. All the boxes are made up of multiple modules, this one requires 4 for the lid and another 4 for the base. I used regular wrapper paper, patterned on one side and plain on the other, but the model looks best with double sided paper or preferrably, washi [Continued..]

Jan 232019
Square Spirals

  To tell the truth, I am not sure of the name of these spirals, since the book from which I followed instructions is in Japanese. But since the spirals have a square shape, I ended up calling them Square Spirals! Tomoko Fuse’s book on spirals ‘Origami Spirals’ contains instructions for making a lot of different spiral ornaments. Ornaments from both squares and triangles (half a square, cut on the diagonal) are both easy to [Continued..]

Jan 092019

Tomoko Fuse’s spirals and shells are elegant looking pieces that look very complicated but are in fact not all that difficult to make. The design can be found in her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals’. The book is in Japanese but the instructions are pretty much self explanatory. There are also quite a few tutorials to help out if needed. Each of the spirals in the pic is made from 4 modules that are twisted into [Continued..]