Mar 162022

The Origami Society of Madras, of which I am a part, is a Facebook group, made up of origami enthusiasts in Chennai (Madras of yore). So a few days back, there was an origami folding challenge on the theme, ‘Aqua’ ie., any origami that is related to water can be folded – shells, fish, frogs etc. The event will be coming to an end on 17th March. Well, I only recently came to know of [Continued..]

Jan 282022
Hydrangea Cube

If you notice, I have recently been working on easy origami. So I thought I would try out something a bit more challenging. This hydrangea cube was a good attempt and I am quite pleased with how it has turned out How to go about this? Well, you initially make 6 of Shuzo Fujimoto’s hydrangea tessellations. In origami, tessellations are folded from a single sheet of paper and provides a dimensional appearance. The hydrangea tessellation [Continued..]

Jan 142022

I don’t usually fold animals or birds, because they are usually quite difficult to fold! But this little sparrow was a delight to fold. I also liked the look of it. It doesn’t look like a real sparrow, more like the cartoon version, with a nice long tail and a pair of jaunty wings. The sparrow fairly easy to fold, though I did get stuck in the third step initially. For those trying out for [Continued..]


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Jan 092022

As a kid, I was an avid Enid Blyton fan. And as such, was quite familiar with mushrooms and gnomes and fairies and elves. So when I came across this origami mushroom, designed by Matt Slayton, well naturally, I had to fold it! I had initially tried it with orange momigami paper. It came out well, but I think the wrapping paper in red with white dots makes a better mushroom. 3-4 inch squares result [Continued..]

Aug 272021

The peacock is a beautiful bird and I have been trying to fold it for quite some time now – ever since I got the book ‘Origami Sculptures’ by John Montroll. And I did manage to fold it a couple of weeks ago, on 15th August. That is the Indian Independence Day, and in case you did not know this, the peacock is the national bird of India – an added incentive to fold! The paper I had [Continued..]